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Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Art Academy

Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy, founded in 2015, is a professional guzheng training institution. The school has been established for countless guzheng lovers providing a professional opportunity to learn the guzheng. The academy’s resident  guzheng orchestra was invited to various prominent performances including at the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Town Hall, the Sydney Star Casino and other major Cultural Festivity. Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy is committed to promoting traditional Chinese culture and music, combining and innovating with modern and western music technology.

Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy has made remarkable achievements in inheriting Chinese folk music overseas for many years, and has been strongly supported by CCTV HD Variety Entertainment Channel, and who in turn has authorized Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Arts Academy to select and send cooperation units for overseas programs. It means that more excellent guzheng students and fans from overseas will have the opportunity to stand on the stage of CCTV and shine, after our training, assessment and selection process.

  •  Senior teachers' professional guidance
  •  Chinese-English bilingual teaching
  •  Provide various large-scale stage performance opportunities
  •  Famous brand Guzheng for sale/rental

Latest News & Blog

Sydney Guyun Guzheng Ensemble often participate in many popular events and performances at prominent stages.

17 12 2021



30 10 2021

2021 CCTV Guzheng Spring Festival Competition Program Selection

The "2021 CCTV Guzheng Spring Festival Competition Program Selection" was held on the 30th of October at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


23 08 2019

Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Orchestra

Sydney Guyun Yaxuan Guzheng Orchestra performed "Overlord Undone His Armour" & "General's Order" at the Concert Hall of Sydney Opera House, which was featured on CCTV Channel....


Our Popular Classes

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Meet Our Teachers

Julia Luo


Julia Luo is founder/lecturer of Sydney Guyun Yaxuan and Senior Qualified Teacher of China Conservatory of Music, currently serving as Chinese Music Ensemble, University of Sydney Conservatory of Music Zheng tutor, undergraduate major in History and Music Performance, School of Music, University of Sydney. She has had performances at the Sydney Opera House, at the Sydney city Town Hall, CCTV, SBS, ABC and other large-scale well-known stages and TV programs.

Rebecca Liu


Junjun Liu is an Erhu instrumentalist, singer, and composer. She is currently an undergraduate student major in Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music) at the University of Wollongong. She has started to learn music in a more wide context by exploring music theory, practicing on music skills and experiencing many different types of instrument. In September 2020, She was selected by the ASSH Faculty to perform at the Opening Ceremony for the Jillian Broadbent Building.

Cherr Weng


Cherr is a Bachelor of Secondary Education student and a member of the Chinese Music Ensemble at University of Sydney with sufficient teaching experiences as a tutor. She loves guzheng and has participated in many performances, such as performing at the Sydney Opera House with other students of Guyun Guzheng Academy in 2019. Cherr can deliver classes fluently in Chinese and English and is patient, warm-hearted, responsible, optimistic, and easy going. Her passion for education has allowed her to integrate her qualities and ways of teaching in aiming to create a comfortable learning environment. She is able to adjust to each student’s needs, which greatly improved the quality of education. This teaching style of hers is significantly recognised and loved by all students.

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